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Trivex lenses are the lightest weight spectacle lenses available and also maximize visual clarity

What are Trivex Spectacle Lenses?

Improvements in materials during the last fifty years have made eyeglasses safer, lighter, thinner and more optically clear.  Plastic lenses (CR-39) became available in the 1960's and significantly decreased the weight of the lenses in comparison to glass lenses.  Polycarbonate material was introduced in the 1980's and although polycarbonate lenses do not provide the quality of optical clarity of glass or plastic lenses, they are almost unbreakable.  Opticians and eye doctors were then able to offer patients the exceptional impact resistance of polycarbonates instead of having to use glass lenses that were extra thick.

Technological advancements since the year 2000 have included many different types of plastic lenses with higher indices of refraction that enable the lenses to be even thinner and lighter than ever before.  PPG Industries recently introduced the newest product in this class of high index lenses.  Trivex® tri-performance lens material by PPG is a breakthrough optical polymer that offers the impact resistance of polycarbonate with excellent optics equal to CR-39 and glass.  The material is so durable that Trivex lenses are made exceptionally thin.  Trivex lenses are ultra-light weight. In fact Trivex is the world's lightest spectacle lens material.  Trivex lenses are an incredible advancement in optical lenses and offer the following "tri-performance" features:

  • Excellent optics
  • Highest standard of impact resistance
  • Ultra-light weight and exceptionally thin

The unique chemical structure of molecules in Trivex is what provides these unique and advanced benefits.  All types of lenses, i.e. single vision, multifocal and progressives are available in Trivex.  The defense industry developed Trivex for use in helicopters as visual armor.  PPG adapted the new optical material for eyeglasses.   

Unlike polycarbonate which can change shape under pressure, Trivex works well for drill mount/rimless frames.  Trivex lenses can be made as thin as 1.0 mm and still pass the "drop ball test" for safety.  The reduction in mass also adds to the lightweight design of Trivex lenses.  The material has extremely low stress distortion that keeps it accurate during manufacturing.  Trivex has a high ABBE value that decreases chromatic aberration and maximizes visual clarity.

If you want the best spectacle lenses, ask for Trivex lenses when you buy your next glasses.