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Dr. J.R. Lacey

Optometrist in Bee Cave, Texas

 Hill Country Galleria

Biography of Optometrist


Dr. J.R. Lacey

Dr. J. R. Lacey is a licensed therapeutic optometrist and optometric glaucoma specialist with a special interest in refractive surgery and contact lenses. He was one of the first eye care practitioners in the Austin area to offer PRK and LASIK as vision correction options to his patients. In 1994 he began co-managing patients with Dr. Stephen Slade, international refractive surgery expert and the first doctor to perform LASIK surgery in the United States. Dr. Lacey was the first doctor in the Austin area to offer Intacs and Conductive Keratoplasty to his patients.


Doctor of Optometry           Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana

Bachelor of Science           Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana


Post Doctorate Education:

LASIK and PRK Management

  • Laser Vision Correction –16 hours on site training from Beacon Eye Institute, Toronto, Ontario, 1995
  • Laser Revolution – 8 hour course at the University of Houston, 1997
  • International Vision EXPO and Ski Vision Eye Care Courses – 4 to 6 hours of LASIK education annually (’98-’05)
  • Extensive reading on refractive surgery management, diagnosis and treatment/prevention of complications (approximately 50 hours annually), Journal of Refractive Surgery, Ocular Surgery News, Ophthalmology Management, etc.
  • Grand Rounds LASIK training (24 hours) at The Laser Center of Stephen Slade, M.D. 1995 – 1996
  • Bausch & Lomb Surgical Technolas Laser Training Course Austin, Texas Certified May 2001
  • Amadeus Microkeratome In-Service Training Austin, Texas May 2001
  • American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ASCRS) Convention – 1998 San Diego, California 13 hours of LASIK education
  • Bausch & Lomb Surgical Technolas Excimer Laser Course Newport Beach, California Oct 12-14, 2001
  • The Art of LASIK by Stephen Slade & Jeffrey Machat Slack, Inc.  Book read completely
  • The Excimer by Raymond Stein, M.D. Book read completely

General Eye Care

  • Extensive Training on diagnosis & treatment of eye diseases. 100-hour course from University of Houston
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis & Treatment. 20 hour course from University of Houston
  • International Vision EXPO and Ski Vision Eye Care Courses (annually approximately 40 hours)

Business Management

  • Accounting and Finance courses from Texas Tech University
  • Business Leadership Training from Success Motivation Institute
  • Organizational Skills Training from Success Motivation Institute
  • Practice Management Course from University of Rochester/Bausch & Lomb University
  • Pathways in Practice Course by Allergan.

Awards / Honors / Affiliations

  • Bausch & Lomb Clinical Research Award
  • American Academy of Optometry Clinical Award
  • Olympic Vision Center Eye Care Provider, Olympic Village Atlanta Summer Olympics 1996 - Selected to provide eye care to international and U.S. Olympic athletes
  • Former Advisory Panel Member of major international contact lens manufacturer
  • Texas State Commission for the Blind Advisory Council Past Member for eight years
  • Former Chairman, Doctors Advisory Panel, Eye Care Centers of America
  • Former Member, Quality Assurance Committee of Eye Care Plan of America (now Eye Med)
  • Outstanding Contact Lens Student of the Year, graduating class, Indiana University,
  • Optometrist of the Year, 1991, by Eye Care Centers of America
  • Doctor Partnership of the Year, 2003 and 2004 by Eye Care Centers of America
  • Past-Member, International Society of Refractive Surgery/American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Passed examination for additional licensure as a Therapeutic Optometrist
  • Passed examination for additional licensure as an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist
Therapeutic Optometrist
Optometric Glaucoma Specialist
Specialty Contact lenses
Refractive Surgery Consultant

Bee Cave & Lakeway

Bee Cave / Lakeway

Hill Country Galleria
12700 Hill Country Galleria Blvd
Bee Cave, Texas  78738
Austin , Texas 78759


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