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Our eyes are complex organs that we rely on every day of our lives. Our eyes are susceptible to disease, but there are many treatment options available for most eye problems.  This section of our website provides a comprehensive list of treatments and tests available for many common eye diseases.

Treatment For Amblyopia


Vision therapy has been shown to be most effective if started before age twelve.  There have been small improvements shown with adults but it is much less common.  If started before age 12 there is a good chance the vision will reach 20/30 or better depending on the case.  However, the earlier the treatment the better the prognosis to improve vision.  Treatment started before age seven or eight results in a much better prognosis

As mentioned previously, the treatment includes correcting the vision as  much as possible, patching the good eye and doing some kind of detailed near work while patched.  Often things like beading, word puzzles, or even small video games are part of the therapy.

The prognosis depends on what age treatment is started and on the severity of the amblyopia as well as how well the patient adheres to the tratment protocol.  Treatment should be started as soon as amblyopia is diagnosed and no age is too young.