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Look_better_.See_better_with_Contacts-resized-154Contact lenses are perhaps the greatest medical devices in the world! They offer freedom from eyeglasses and improve performance in sports. Yes, they also make you look better!

With approximately 33 million people in the United States wearing contact lenses it is obvious that contacts are the first choice for many people with vision problems. If you analyze the population younger than 45 years old the percentages of people wearing contacts is very high. In fact, in high schools or colleges it’s almost hard to find someone with vision problems not wearing contacts. This age group is active and wants to look their best!

Baby Boomers now spend huge sums on plastic surgery to look younger when their first step should definitely be LASIK, PRK or contacts. Contact lenses provide a much better value than plastic surgery and are certainly much safer.

Contact lenses provide a more natural vision correction and even allow you to change your eye color. Contacts are the fastest and least expensive way to look your best!  Newer designs and technology have improved convenience and long-term comfort so that virtually everyone can now wear contact lenses.

The expert contact lens specialists at Master Eye Associates know everything about contact lenses!  Whether you need spherical clear lenses or bifocal contacts or require a specialty lens for keratoconus or irregular astigmatism we have the special skills and knowledge and the experience to solve your problem.  We have prescribed every type of contact lens modality that exists.