Our comprehensive eye care services include:

General Eye Care

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams for general eye health evaluations
  • Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy available for those patients that do not want their eyes dilated
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Refractions from Master Eye Associates eye doctors in Austin TX

Prescription Eye Glasses

  • Refractions to prescribe precision eyeglass prescriptions

Contact Lens Services

  • Contact Lens evaluations for new patients
  • Contact Lens training for insertion and removal and general contact lens care
  • Contact lens problems diagnosed and solved
  • Specialty contact lenses prescribed including bifocal/multifocal contacts, toric (astigmatism) contacts, soft disposable, rigid gas permeable (RGP lenses), keratoconus contacts, contacts for irregular shaped corneas altered by disease or refractive surgery, monovision contacts
  • Dry eye complaints solved
  • All major brands of contact lenses are available to be prescribed

Refractive Surgery

Consultation, pre-operative and post-operative management of the following:
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Eye Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis Adenovirus follicular conjunctivitis EKC resized 600