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As you know doctors don’t sell products; except eye doctors who sell contacts and eyeglasses. Since most eye doctors derive up to 70% of their income from the sale of contacts and eyeglasses, they are greatly influenced in what brands and what products they prescribe because they benefit financially more from some products than from others. Additionally, the more often they prescribe glasses or contacts, the more their profit.

Our Master Eye Associates offices do not sell any optical products. We are proud to be leaders of the profession to give you the freedom of choice to purchase eyeglasses and contact lenses at much lower prices and at your convenience. Additionally, when our doctors prescribe contacts, glasses or medicine, you are absolutely assuredit is what is best for you-not what is best for the doctor’s office. Our Austin and Dallas-Ft.Worth optometrists derive absolutely no financial benefit from what you are prescribed or how often products are prescribed.

We are pleased to provide you the highest level of standards in the eye care profession in Central Austin, North Austin, South Austin, Westlake, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Bee Cave and Lakeway.

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We know you will like the cost savings on contact lenses and glasses and the freedom of choice to purchase contacts and eyeglasses when and where you want without the feeling of intimidation to purchase from us.

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