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We Treat Every Patient as the Most Important Person in the World

There are many reasons to choose Master Eye Associates. Please review the list on the left side of this page and click on each one for the details.

The biggest reason you should choose Master Eye Associates for your eye care needs is our internal motto that was trademarked by our founder, Dr. J.R. Lacey. It is very simple......

Treat Every Patient as the Most Important Person in the World!

It is more than our motto because it overrides every policy and procedure we have. It is our guide for everything we do in our offices everyday. It is even in our mission statement. Come experience a level of service that is second to none. Caring for our patients is a privilege that we take very seriously and one for which we are very grateful!

You will love your visit to Master Eye Associates!


Leading edge technology leads to accurate diagnosis and earliest detection


Highest ethical standards in the industry save you money and provide unpressured freedom to shop and choose from a better selection of eyewear and contacts


Open 6 days a week. Convenience for your busy schedule


Online appointment scheduling for your flexibility

Others just provide an option to send in a request for an appointment, which then requires someone to contact you and try to get you scheduled. That is not advanced! We provide you the ability to actually schedule right into our appointment system!


Providers for most insurance panels


Walk-in and same day appointments available every day!


Great Eye Doctors providing Thorough eye exams