contacts-logoExtended Wear Contact Lenses / Continuous Wear Contacts

There is a revolutionary breakthrough in soft contact lenses. Air Optix NIGHT & DAY are the contact lenses you can wear continuously for up to 30 nights and days:

  • Breathes 5-6x better than ordinary soft contacts for better eye health
  • No daily inserting, removing or cleaning of contacts
  • Feel less dry than ordinary soft contact lenses
  • Sharp, clear vision any time of the day or night

30 Day Extended Wear Contacts Provide Freedom and Comfort

Convenient vision correction that fits your busy lifestyle

Stop the never ending routine of removing and cleaning lenses (for up to a month). Now you can wake up and go to sleep with the freedom of Air Optix NIGHT & DAY lenses. A year-long FDA study of NIGHT & DAY wearers indicated that:

  • 90% were highly satisfied with the comfort and handling of the lenses
  • 90% rated their comfort as “very good” to “excellent”,
  • 89% rated lens handling as “very good” to “excellent”

Wearers also reported that the lenses felt less dry than ordinary soft contact lenses.

How Air Optix NIGHT & DAY lenses work

The unique molecular structure of the lens has two distinct pathways that allow water and oxygen to pass through to the eye without reducing the lens’ ability to transmit oxygen. The lens can move freely on the eye and to keep plenty of oxygen flowing to the cornea-no sticky eyes!

Extended wear soft contacts

A Healthy Contact Lens Alternative

Clear, healthy vision

Sharp, clear vision – any time of the day or night. You can wear Night & Day contact lenses continuously for up to 30 nights and days. Night & Day allows six times more oxygen to your eyes than the leading soft contact lenses.

The Importance of Oxygen for the Eyes

Red eyes can be a sign that the eyes are not receiving enough oxygen. Insufficient oxygen also compromises normal eye function and causes uncomfortable lens wear. Patients typically don’t experience red eyes with Air Optix Night & Day, which are made of the highest oxygen transmissible material available.  The lenses allow sufficient oxygen to reach the eye, even during sleep.

Air Optix Night and Day Aqua lenses provide the highest oxygen transmission of any soft lens in the world! 

If you’re not a good candidate for refractive surgery Night & Day lenses offer you the same benefit of continuous, clear vision.

Common Questions about Extended Wear Soft Lenses

How are Night & Day contact lenses different?

Air Optix Night & Day contact lenses are the first lenses available in the United States with wearing indication for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. Night & Day also allows six times more oxygen to reach the cornea than ordinary disposable or reusable lenses- even when eyes are closed during sleep. As a result, the lenses allow the eyes to breath, which means clear and comfortable vision correction 24 hours a day.

What does the FDA approval of Night & Day mean for the contact lens industry?

This is one of the most significant events in contact lens history, since soft lenses were introduced almost 40 years ago. It is also an important advancement for people who need vision correction. We anticipate Night & Day lenses popularity in the U.S. will grow, because this breakthrough contact lens delivers what many individuals want: the ability to have comfortable, clear vision around the clock in a convenient way that easily fits with their busy and unpredictable lifestyles.

Why create lenses that are designed to be worn while sleeping?

We know that patients constantly tell their eye doctors that they want safe, convenient, around-the-clock vision. Our research confirms that patients want a lens that is safe to wear while sleeping. Air Optix Night & Day lenses provides oxygen transmission even during sleep making it the most convenient lens on the market today. Night & Day lenses eliminate the tedious daily hassles of inserting, removing, and cleaning lenses. The lenses can be worn for up to 30 continuous days and nights and can be easily discarded and replaced with a new pair.

Do Night & Day contact lenses require any cleaning or disinfection?

Night & Day lenses do not require daily cleaning or disinfection when worn continuously for up to 30 days. However, lenses removed between replacement times must be cleaned and disinfected with a chemical, non-heat, disinfection system before reinsertion. People should carefully follow the wear and replacement recommendations of their eye care professional.

How is Night & Day packaged for purchase?

Air Optix Night & Day contact lenses are sold in packages of six.

Do people experience red eyes after wearing these lenses?

Red eyes can be a sign that the eyes are not receiving enough oxygen. Patients typically don’t experience red eyes with Night & Day because the lenses are made of a highly oxygen transmissible material, sufficient oxygen reaches the eye, even during sleep. In research studies, Night & Day wearers experienced less limbal redness than people who wear ordinary disposable lenses did. Also patients and practitioners frequently commented on how white their eyes are while wearing Night & Day lenses.

Why is it important for oxygen and water to pass through the lens to the eye?

Oxygen is essential for corneal health. Insufficient oxygen compromises normal eye function and may cause cornea swelling, which leads to irritated, red eyes and uncomfortable lens wear. While minimal swelling is common during sleep (even in people who do not wear contact lenses), sleeping in ordinary lenses substantially reduces oxygen supply to the eyes.

Night & Day contact lenses supply ample oxygen to the cornea even during sleep. In fact, they provide six times more oxygen to the eye than ordinary soft contact lenses and 40 percent more oxygen than the threshold recognized by independent researchers for overnight wear of contact lenses.

In research studies, users wearing Night & Day lenses experienced minimal swelling similar to those wearing no lens at all and significantly less eye redness that is typically seen with a soft contact lens wearer.

What are other possible side effects of continuous wear lenses?

An inflammation of the cornea called infiltrative keratitis is another potential side effect. During the one-year U.S. study about 5% of the 1,300 eyes experienced this type of side effect. Other less serious side effects were conjunctivitis and lid irritation or discomfort while wearing the lenses, including dryness of the eye and mild burn or stinging.

What is DK? What is DK/T?

Oxygenpermeability (DK) refers to the lens material’s ability to convey oxygen. Oxygen transmissibility (DK/T), a more relevant measure for contact lenses, takes into account the material's oxygen permeability and its thickness.  Both of these factors affect the amount of oxygen that can pass through the lens to the eye.

Are Air Optix Night & Day Right for You?

Are you a business traveler, student, or new parent? Work long hours and have an unpredictable schedule? Ever get so worn out you sometimes fall asleep in your contact lenses? Then AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA contact lenses may be right for you. AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA lenses keep up with your busy lifestyle. With the new AQUA Moisture System, these lenses provide moisture for comfort on contact, all day, every day-even overnight. AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA lenses are also FDA-approved for up to 30 nights and days of continuous wear. Discover the freedom to see night and day with hassle-free AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA lenses. Call Master Eye Associates for your preferred appointment today and we'll help determine if AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA lenses are right for you.