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Biofinity Lenses Provide Superior Comfort, Vision and Eye Health 

Biofinity is a monthly disposable soft silicone hydrogel contact lens made by Cooper Vision. Biofinity lenses are FDA approved for either daily wear or extended wear use up to six nights/seven days. Biofinity lenses are available in a wide range of prescription parameters, ranging from -12.00 D to +8.00 D and also in a toric (for astigmatism up to 2.25 D cylinder power) and multifocal soft lens option.

Biofinity contact lenses offer superior comfort and health benefits over standard hydrogellenses. Biofinity lenses are high oxygen and high water content lenses that utilize Aquaform® technology to allow for maximum comfort. Contact lenses with the highest oxygen transmission (“Dk”) are made of silicone hydrogel because one of the properties of silicone is that it is a very oxygen transmissible material.




The Biofinity advantage over other silicone hydrogel lenses

Biofinity soft lenses are naturally water loving contact lenses that stay moist and comfortable all day long without the need for additional lens surface treatments or wetting agents like other silicone hydrogel contacts.  Biofinity lenses use a patented technology known as Aquaform®. Aquaform technology allows for longer siloxane chains thus using less silicone overall. This allows for greater wettability, less deposit build up on lens surfaces and maximum all day comfort, while still maintaining very high oxygen transmission. So you get the best of both worlds - a healthy yet very comfortable lens.  Aquaform® Technology creates a unique lens design that optimizes the relationship between oxygen and water. Aquaform Technology increases the contact lenses ability to retain moisture within the plastic polymers matrix and also increases the ability of oxygen to penetrate the lens and reach the eye – keeping your eyes clear, white and healthy!


Lubricity is crucial for contact lens comfort and Biofinity has it! 

Biofinity’s spherical back surface design floats the weight of the lens across the eye, reducing pressure points and mechanical irritation. Lubricity is the measure of the reduction in friction of a lubricant.  A surface with high lubricity is essentially very slippery because it reduces friction.  There is a strong correlation between contact lens comfort and the lubricity of the contact lens surface.  Based on recent tests by a competing company Biofinity lenses have the highest lubricity of any two week or monthly disposable soft lens on the market!


Biofinity lenses provide great visual clarity 

The aspheric front surface design of Biofinity lenses decreases visual distortion, improves depth of focus and increases the overall visual performance and clarity of the lens.  


Why is oxygen transmission so important? 

The cornea depends on oxygen to maintain its transparency and thickness. Contact lenses decrease the amount of oxygen getting to the cornea, and the lower the Dk value of the lens and the thicker the lens, the less oxygen the cornea receives. Corneal hypoxia results in contact lens discomfort, corneal edema, red eyes, corneal neovascularization and an increased risk of contact lens related complications such as ulcers, infiltrates and ultimately, contact lens intolerance.  

The chart below compares oxygen transmissibility in several common contact lens brands. The higher the Dk number, the more oxygen the lens transmits assuming an equal lens thickness.


Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

Dk Value (at -3.00 D lens power)

Air Optix Night & Day




Air Optix Aqua


Acuvue Oasys


Acuvue Advance Plus


Acuvue 1 Day TruEye





Standard Hydrogel Lenses

Dk Value (at -3.00 D lens power)

Proclear Sphere


Acuvue 2


Focus Dailies


Biomedics 55


Freshlook Colorblends



Biofinity soft lenses excel in comfort, vision, and overall lens performance.

Save up to $100 on Biofinity lenses

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Disinfection Techniques for Biofinity Soft Lenses

Thermal (heat) disinfection should NOT be used on Biofinity lenses.

Hydrogen peroxide disinfection systems such as Clear Care may be used and are very effective methods of caring for Biofinity lenses.

Chemical disinfection systems we recommend for Biofinity lenses are:

  • OptiFree Pure Moist (Alcon)
  • BioTrue (Bausch & Lomb)
  • RevitaLens (Abbott)