contacts-logo Dermatochalasis Results in Droopy Eyelids 

Dermatochalasis Causes Droopy Eyelids

Dermatochalasis is a disorder of the eyelids characterized by Dermatochalasis Eyelid disorder resized 600redundant, thin and flaccid eyelid skin and muscle.  Dermatochalasis and the resultant droopy eyelid is a result of the aging process and is much more common in elderly people although dermatochalasis does appear in younger people as well.  It is usually first noticed in the 40’s and then continues to worsen.  Dermatochalasis occurs with equal frequency in males and females and in all races.



Dermatochalasis Treatment

The only treatment for dermatochalasis is cosmetic surgery.  Master Eye Associates doctors will refer you to the best plastic surgeon that has the skill and experience to provide you the attractive outcome you deserve.