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Retinal Detachment and Retinal Tear


Retinal Tear

Retinal tears occur when the vitreous (gel like fluid in the back portion of the eye) pulls on the retina as it becomes thinner and more of a liquid consistency over time. Sometimes this traction on the retinal layers creates a tear in the retina.

Retinal tear - doctor's view.

Retinal Tear as seen by the eye doctor.

Retinal Detachment

A retinal detachment is a separation of the pigment layer of the retina and the other sensory retinal layers or when the retina pulls away from the back wall of the eye. This condition is an ocular emergency and anyone with any of the following symptoms should seek eye care immediately:

  • Sudden decrease of clarity of vision
  • A large amount of floaters resembling spots or tiny bugs in the visual field that usually has a sudden onset
  • Flashes of light
  • Wavy or watery appearing vision
  • A veil or curtain appearing to block part of the visual field

Highly myopic (nearsighted) people and diabetics are at a higher risk of developing these conditions.

Treatment for Retinal Detachments or Retinal Tears

Treatments are complicated and should only be performed by a fellowship trained retinal specialist.