Testimonial Comments From Our Patients

We have accumulated lots of awesome comments from our happy patients over the years.  The following is just a sample of the hundreds of positive comments found on various public platforms.

  • I went to have my eye exam and the staff there was very well informed and nice especially the office manager.  She was very knowledgeable and very professional - keep up the good work.
     -Ronald T.
  • After visiting several doctors' offices over the last few weeks, this place was a breath of fresh air.  The assistant at the front desk was beyond courteous, friendly, and engaging.  I was seen very quickly by Dr. Kerns.  She was very open, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable.  Once it was over, I was given a copy of both my prescriptions as well as a 90 day window to come back should I need to for anything, free of charge.  Being from NYC, most eye doctors acted as if it wasn't your right to have your prescription so I was pleasantly surprised by this.  All of this WITH free 90-day follow-up?  This just doesn't happen anymore….but it should.  I highly recommend Master Eye Associates.

    -Andrea A.
  • As my eyes get older, I find I am facing new challenges with my eyesight.  For that reason, I really appreciate a thorough exam from a doctor who takes time to answer my questions and give understandable answers. To my delight, the Dr at Master Eye did just that!  She explained many things about my family's history of eye disease, she showed me my retinal photograph and explained all the details of what it told her, and helped me understand how glaucoma and astigmatism affect your sight.  Even better, she didn't hesitate a bit to "bump up" the reading portion of my bifocals after I explained that my glasses constantly slip down my nose (and after 40 years of them sitting there, there is NO WAY they are going to sit any higher!)

    The receptionist was pleasant and cheerful.  I had filled out some forms online and she patiently searched her computer to find those forms and make sure everything was complete (the online form-thing is new and they are just beginning to use it.)  Throughout the preliminary exam she smiled and explained what she was doing.  I was so pleased with her cheerful attitude!  I am definitely going back here for my next exam!  This was the best service that I’ve gotten in a long long time!

    -Kathleen F.
  • I've been going here for a few years and they are awesome!  Dr. Kerns is the sweetest doctor.  Let's get real, it's never fun to go to the eye doctor because they are shining bright things in your eyes and puffing wind tests lol.  She is just very helpful and if you have questions or issues she can always answer.  She helped me learn how to use contacts!  I was freakin' 28 at the time so you can imagine how jumpy I was :)  It's kind of busy in the shopping center, but don't let it scare you.

    -Julie A.
  • Great service! The assistant was extremely helpful and patient so I could get all my insurance information correct. The Dr. was very polite and careful in taking care of all my needs. I felt comfortable and well taken care of! Thank you!!

    -Sunshine G.
  • Dr. Kerns has been very helpful and patient as I experimented with several contact lenses covered by my insurance. She told me which ones she thought were good brands and then ordered them in my prescription. She was happy to see me after each trial to hear my review and check the fit. She even gave me an extra pair of lenses when I told her I was traveling-in case I dropped or lost my only other pair. It took 3 visits for me to find the right ones-and I ended up picking the brand I had before! But there wasn't a note of irritation in her voice. She was happy to help, listen to me and even give me insurance tips. Their online apt system is an added bonus because it makes it so easy to schedule. I also appreciate that they are open until 6 pm. Overall, I would definitely recommend Dr. Kerns.

    -Elizabeth H.
  • I think this is a great place to go for an eye exam. I was seen right away from start to finish. The Dr. helped me so much being that it was my first time to try contacts. I would recommend Master Eye as they explain and answers any questions you may have.

    -Jen H.
  • Doctor and staff were great, my wife and I were seen right away. The doctor performed a thorough examination and explained everything in detail. The doctor performed the exam, explained her findings and gave us our prescriptions. It was nice NOT to have the staff pressuring you to buy glasses from them. Since they don't sell glasses, there was no high pressure sale tactics to endure.

    -Jim C.
  • Fast service without rushing through everything. Very nice Dr., and staff. Prices comparable to others.

    -Gregory M.
  • It was my first visit to Dr. Kerns office and I could not have been more pleased. From the moment I called till the moment I walked out the door I was treated with the utmost professionalism. I feel like I received a very thorough exam and was given the time to ask question and have them answered. I was even given a new type of contacts this year which Dr. Kerns had chosen to help with my specific complaints and they have been great. I am now able to wear contact lenses all the time again. I strongly recommend Dr. Kerns to everyone. Thank you Dr. Kerns and staff for a great experience.

    Zoc Doc Verified Patient
  • I don t like going to the doctor, but I needed to get a prescription so that I could get new contacts. Dr. Kerns does a great job of making me feel comfortable as well as answering all of my questions in a very easy to understand manner. I highly recommend Dr. Kerns and will continue to be her patient despite the fact that my insurance is not covered.

    -Jon H.
  • I recently moved to Texas and needed a new eye doctor. I went to Master Eye Associates in the Arbor Walk and had quite a pleasant experience.  Everyone was very patient with me. I always feel like I am an annoying patient that can't decide whether "1" or "2" looks better. The doctor was never annoyed that I couldn't decide. When I asked her questions she was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Master Eye Associates as an eye doctor!

    ZocDoc.com-Verified Patient
  • A few weeks ago I went in to this office for my yearly exam. Historically I have used walmart eye centers and decided to try a different office. I was welcomed very warmly by the receptionist and treated very well during my visit. The Master Eye doctor saw me that day and answered all my questions getting me set up with a new style of contact lens that is working perfectly. In the past, my doctors have simply given me the same lens without asking any questions. The doctor spoke with me about my uses and my lifestyle and suggested I try a different brand that would work better. It has been 3 weeks and I could not be any happier with the comfort and the ease on my eyes. Needless to say I will not be returning to walmart for my eye care. I will be happy to return and suggest to anyone needing an eye care specialist in the Arbor Walk.

    ZocDoc.com-Verified Patient
  • I had an eye exam about a month ago and was very happy with the service and quality of care I received! The receptionist was very friendly and helpful, especially with helping me understand my insurance. The doctor was also very friendly and very thorough. I can't recall the last time I had received such a thorough exam. Needless to say I will be returning for all of my future eye care needs along with my family.

    -Sybillina T.
  • I was referred to this office by a friend and I have been nothing but pleased with the services we received. The office staff was friendly and made my son feel at ease about getting his eyes examined. We didn't have to wait long and the atmosphere of the office was nice and clean. I have referred my friends and coworkers to this office and will continue to go there as well for my family's eye exams.

    ZocDoc-Verified Patient
  • Very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. Answered all of my questions and great chair-side manner.

    ZocDoc.com-Verified Patient
  • I think she was kind and professional. She was very on point and informal as well. I'll most definitely be returning for my next eye-related exam.

      -Verified Patient
  • All of the staff at this location was absolutely wonderful. They were all very kind and helpful. I would recommend this office to friends and family.

    -Rebecca R.
  • Dr. Kerns and her staff are kind, professional, and thorough when it comes to both, eye exams and explaining the results to patients. All of my questions were answered, and I am very glad that I visited today. The location is very convenient as well.

    ZocDoc.com-Verified Patient
  • Excellent service, efficient and professional.

    ZocDoc.com-Verified Patient
  • Very professional & friendly!

    ZocDoc.com-Verified Patient
  • Dr.Emily -  Oh my goodness she is the best I was confused since there are two Emily eye docs . She was great she explained what she was doing and did it in less than an hour . She was friendly and easy going. Very professional and after years of going to eye doctors I found one that does not say " one or two"  she uses three. Her staff was great, very efficient and made us feel special . We had been putting it off for a while but decided we were there at the mall so why not. So if you need to get your eyes check go so see this beautiful young lady - sure beats all the other eye doctors I have seen all these years. My insurance did cover some of it as I am a Retired State Employee on United Health Care.

    -Carmella M.
  • Dr. Jordan and her staff did a great job of getting me in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Wasn't there a long time, but still went through all of the standard eye-exam tests. Left feeling comfortable with results, as the doctor explained them well.

    -Sofia M.
  • A friend of mine recommended Master Eye Associates and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to get in for an appointment.  The reception staff was wonderful and they got me in quickly.  I was there on my lunch hour so time was of the essence.  I was treated very well and professionally.  When Dr. Jordan came in she was professional, friendly and thorough.  She was also very fast and I was able to have my eyes thoroughly examined and get back to work, all within an hour.  I had a wonderful experience and I will go back next time I need an eye examine.

    -Karen A.
  • My experience with these optometrists was fantastic. First, I should begin by explaining that the visit was not for my own eyes, but for my husband's. We had originally been customers of Dr.Wang in south Austin but we decided we'd go with Master Eye Associates this time. I called and was set up with an appointment that same day (very convenient!) 

    We arrived a few minutes early and had no problem finding seating in the waiting area. It wasn't long before a very nice man came out looking for my husband. I was getting comfortable in my chair, expecting to wait for a long time while my hubby got his eyes examined but I was pleasantly surprised when the doctor shook my hand, introduced himself and invited me along. 

    The people who performed the exams made the process as easy as possible by explaining every step (Answering the "What?" and the "Why?" before we could even ask) but they did it with touch of friendliness that you don't expect to find in the middle of a packed shopping-mall. 

    Not to mention the high-tech equipment that they utilize on site. In (my own) layman's terms, they scanned my husband's eyes and were able to show us the intense images in a matter of minutes on their computer screens. 

    We left their office feeling like we'd made the right choice in optometrists. I would highly recommend Master Eye Associates to anyone.

    -Maggie F.
  • I went for new eyeglass prescriptions. Dr. Vala did a superb job. She is professional, pleasant and informative.

    -Elizabeth P.
  • I am a very busy professional and love the fact I can get in and out quickly.  My husband and I were able to go in and get our eyes checks and leave with prescriptions in less than an hour and go next door to get our glasses.  I love this place.  We tend to get new glasses every year and I wear contacts so it is wonderful to move quickly through the appointment.

    -Melinda M.
  • Great experience from start to finish.  Quick scheduling, awesome staff, and thorough exam. Dr. Jordan and her staff were extremely friendly, efficient, and very thorough. They have very modern equipment and a clean office. I am super happy and would recommend them to everyone!

    -Nikki C.
  • Dr. Jordan and the entire staff were very friendly and knowledgeable! I definitely recommended them for your next eye exam. Very professional!

    -Carolyn V.
  • Very friendly & knowledgeable! Everyone was very helpful. I will return for my next exam and will recommend them to others! Thank you for making it a very nice experience!

    No name-Google User
  • Great Customer Service!! I will definitely be coming back!!

    No name-Google User
  • Dr. Vu gave my mom an eye exam two days ago. The experience was great. You know you can trust the doctor with his thoroughness and skill, and the staff there was very friendly as well. I m thinking schedule an appointment for myself as well.

  • I would give them 6 stars if I could! Friendly, professional, efficient and caring. I cannot recommend them enough!!

    -Rob H.
  • Having recently moved to Austin, I needed to find an eye doctor to have my eyes checked and update my contact prescription. Lucky for me, I chose Master Eye Associates! What a terrific office! It s located at the mall, so their hours are terrific -- open well into the evening and on weekends. It was quick and easy to get an appointment, they ran on time, and I can t say enough how wonderful the staff and Dr Jordan were. I was in and out in no time, with new contacts, and was able to pick up a few things at the mall without making a second trip! Highly recommend them!!

  • I am new to the Austin area and was in need for an exam exam. My friend suggested that I get my exam done at Master Eye Associates at Barton Creek, since she had a great experience. I went there and was very surprised that I was able to get in the same day and the wait was not long at all. From the time that I walked in the front office staff greeted me with a friendly smile and was very helpful. The doctor was the greatest he listened to all my questions and gave me a lot of feedback regarding different types of contacts and LASIK. I will certainly continue coming here for my yearly exams.

  • In and out and very efficient. Showed extreme care in explaining to me the situation of my vision

    ZocDoc.com-Verified Patient
  • It was my daughter's first eye exam and the doctor was great explaining everything to her.

    -Shannon E.
  • Relaxed yet professional demeanor. Personable too.

    -Jessica H.
  • I hope you pass this message on to Dr. Lacey. After an entire year of using improperly prescribed glasses from another Dr., and not being able to see very well, I came to Dr. Lacey and he prescribed glasses that I am using right now to watch TV and they are CLEAR and the vision is CRISP!  I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am to have found Dr. Lacey. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    -Juanita B.
  • Dr. Dworsky is the best optometrist I have been to in 34 years. He is a perfectionist and has given me the clearest vision yet. The wait if any is minimal. The equipment is state of the art. As long as I live in Austin I will see him.

    -Janet O.
  • Quick and efficient on a walk up. Not bad. I hate that thing that shoots air in my eyes.  They did it quickly and got it over with.

    -Paul J.
  • Dr. Dworsky was very professional. I was seen in a timely manner, and all of my questions were answered. I would highly recommend him.

    -Walter L.
  • I was able to walk-in with no appointment and see the doctor right away. The whole visit took less than 20mins.

    -Britt H.
  • My family and I have been going to Master Eye and Dr. Dworsky for over 5 years, I would recommend them to anyone. The staff has always been very helpful and courteous. My children have been using contacts for the last two years, the staff was very helpful in explaining how to put the lenses in and take care of them.

    No name-Google User
  • Great doctor really knows his stuff !

    -Scott V.
  • Hello Dr. Lacey, I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to share my recent experience with you when visiting Lakeline Master Eye Associates.   

    My 82 year old Dad has macular degeneration and needed new eyeglasses.  I took him to Dr. Dworsky last month for the eye exam.  Dr. Dworsky worked very patiently ensuring he was giving Dad the very best vision possible.  He asked why Dad was using glaucoma drops.  Neither Dad nor I could recall the eye specialist name who treated him other than “Barbara in Dripping Springs”.  Between Dr. Dworsky and Holly they found the location and requested his records.

       Holly gave me the schedule for when the macula test equipment would be at Lakeline.  I scheduled a second appointment for last week.  We were greeted with a pleasant smile and Holly calling Dad by his name “Mr. Dodson”.  Holly took Dad for testing and worked so patiently with him during the test process.  When the time came for the final picture, Dad was having trouble seeing the light he was supposed to locate.  Both Holly and Dr. Dworsky worked diligently to get the best picture.

      Dr. Dworsky has been incredible to me, my son and now my Dad.  Holly is always pleasant and very knowledgeable.  We had a very unpleasant experience at another Austin location where the techs yelled at Dad for not doing what they asked.  They had no patience and no concept of the complexity of macular degeneration.  Dr. Dworsky and Holly made this a pleasant experience.  This touched me so much I wanted to share with you.  What an awesome group of people at Master Eye!!  

     -Dana M.
  • Dr. Maybury is great - thorough when conducting exams. My family has had good eye care in this office, and I would recommend Master Eye Associate to others.

    -C.S. Austin TX.
  • I liked this place for a lot of reasons:

    1. I didn't have to wait because I scheduled an appointment and was in and out of there within an hour.
    2. Dr. Maybury and his staff were very friendly and efficient
    3. They took my insurance (Superior Vision) and the appointment cost exactly how much they said it would be and most of all,
    4. They didn't try to sell me extra tests I didn't need (e.g., eye dilating) or try to coerce me into buying glasses or contacts from the EyeMasters next door (a problem I've faced at other optometrists. I like my cheap 1800contacts and Zenni for glasses)

    -Anne W.
  • I LOVE Master Eye Associates!  Not only is their location VERY convenient, they are also really nice people.  

    I went in for a contact lens examination and lens fitting.  To be real honest, I hate going to any doctor and I especially don't want to be lectured by some optometrist about how often I change my lenses.  I got neither of those.  While I was there I had the chance to sit and tell the doctor about what I was looking for in a lens and I let them advise me on which lens I should try.  Being that I hadn't tried this specific lens before, we agreed that I should try it for a week and see how it worked.  I didn't like it after a week and I am close enough to their office that trying another lens worked out well for me so I tried a second lens.  I ended up liking that one and they gave me a prescription.  There was no mention of purchasing lenses from anyone and no request that I shop anywhere in particular and no specific instructions on purchasing at all.  They mentioned that they don't sell the lenses there and would be happy to recommend places if I wanted but there was no pressure to go anywhere in particular.  

    Dr. Maybury and Dr. Seichek really took the time to listen to me and respond to my requests.  They didn't rush my appointments and I felt like they cared about me and my time.  They were always quick to enter the room once I was sat down.  They were both friendly people and valued me as a patron.  I am pleased to have them as my provider and will be happy to return to them later.  

    I didn't know that my insurance would cover my exam when I first went in.  The receptionist/nurse/helper at the front asked enough questions to realize that I did in fact have insurance that would cover my exam.  She also called (I know because I heard her) to verify that my benefits did include the optional, more helpful, exams that they offer.  I'm glad she was there and had an understanding of my insurance and had the forethought to ask the right questions to determine that my coverage would be good there.  

    I honestly couldn't ask for a better optometrist visit.  I will/do recommend them to everyone.

    -Jen H.
  • Master Eye Associates was able to see quickly and efficiently. I was very impressed by the courteousness, kindness, and helpfulness of Linda. Dr. Richard Maybury described my astigmatism and explained my contact prescription with grace and knowledge. I appreciate their service because I felt comfortable and well-informed throughout the time I spent there. Thank you!

    -Damaris T.
  • I have been going to Dr. Maybury for years and so have my children. everyone is always so cooperative and helpful when we go in. they know us and treat us very well. Dr. Maybury is a great optometrist and has always been there to answer questions about my eye health and what was best for me.

    -Stacie C.
  • I will be going back year after year. The office is clean, quiet, and not rushed. The staff was wonderful and Dr. Maybury went out of his way to make sure that I had every thing I needed, including a coupon for a rather pricey prescription.

    -Google User
  • Very friendly staff. I've had glasses for a long time and have never tried contacts, Dr Maybury and the nurse were very patient with me when teaching how to put them in etc. and helped with any questions I had. I'll definitely be coming back.

    -Google User
  • Staff was helpful and I got a good deal, they had a good selection

    -Google User
  • Friendly, genuinely concerned about patient health. Even got a kind, yet slightly disapproving response to admitting I sleep in my contacts every night. I know, I know...

    -Verified Patient
  • Efficient without feeling rushed.

    -Michael M.
  • Excellent service! Filled out the patient form on-line. Drove over, signed a form and only waited about 2 minutes to have my eye test. Then went to another room and saw the doctor. Great doctor, quick and thorough service. I highly recommend them!

    -James N.
  • She was very easy to understand and honest. I will definitely recommend her.

    -Stephanie L.
  • Great doctor and great staff

    -Don M.
  • Just a very professional, courteous optometrist. Really took the time to find the exact prescription I was completely comfortable with.

    -Collin M.
  • I got in right away. Dr. Simonek was very nice, courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend her!!

    -Stephanie N.
  • I liked the way I had access to the schedule all week and was able to book my own apt time online. I will be using it more often now.

    -Verified Patient
  • Really nice.  Knowledgeable doctor at the Hill Country Galleria.

    -Susan S.