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Avastin Central Retina Macular Degeneration Treatment Lucentis Macular Degeneration Macula Eylea Aflibercept

EYLEA is a New Medicine for the Treatment of Macular Degeneration

Eylea is an Effective Treatment for Macular Degeneration and Costs Less than Current Similar Medicine EYLEA™ (aflibercept) was approved in December 2011 for the treatment of neovascular (wet) macular degeneration. Eylea (by Regeneron) works much like Lucentis and Avastin in its treatment of macular degeneration except that it is used less frequently and costs less. The recommended dose for EYLEA is 2 mg (0.05 mL) administered by injection into the vitreous of the eye every 4 weeks (monthly) for the first 3 months followed by 2 mg (0.05 mL) via injection once every 8 weeks (2 months).
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