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Biotrue - New, Better Solution for Soft Contacts

Current Research Shows that Biotrue Performs

Contact Lens Disinfection Better than Other Solutions 

Bausch & Lomb has introduced BiotrueTM, their new multi-purpose solution for soft contact lenses.  BiotrueTM promises to outperform other competitive solutions and to function like the tears of your own healthy eyes.

A perfect contact lens solution should perform the following functions perfectly:

1.  Disinfect the contact lenses

2.  Optimize the comfort of the contact lens

3.  Clean the lens of proteins and lipids from the tear film


Disinfection of Soft Contact Lenses

Biotrue combines two effective disinfectants and has a pH equal to normal healthy tears of the eye which not only improves comfort, but also enhances the disinfectants.  BiotrueTM does not remove certain useful proteins ( lactoferrin and lysozyme in their natural state) on the lens surface that have antimicrobial properties and therefore assist in the disinfection process.  Lysozyme is a Biotrue Contact lens solution by Bausch & Lombpowerful antibacterial enzyme against gram positive bacteria such as staph and strep.   Biotrue removes other non-useful proteins that accumulate on the lens surfaces.  Other solutions cannot compare to Biotrue in their ability to maintain active lysozyme.

The result is that BiotrueTM outperforms other soft contact lens solutions in disinfecting the lenses.  In a recent study, Biotrue was more effective against staphylococcus aureus than all other leading brands of solutions.  Biotrue was more effective against MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) than all solutions except Ciba's Clear Care (hydrogen peroxide system) in which it showed equal performance.   In the test on the fungus fusarium solani, Biotrue was the second most effective solution behind Alcon's Opti Free Express.  Finally, Biotrue was the most effective against Acanthamoeba


Improving the Comfort of Soft Lenses

Biotrue most closely resembles the natural healthy state of the tears with a pH of 7.4-7.6.  Healthy tears have a pH range from 7.3-7.7.  Maintaining the eyes natural pH reduces irritation and stinging and assists the lens to perform properly on the eye.  The perfect pH also helps the dual disinfectants in Biotrue to be more effective.

Biotrue contains hyaluronan, a natural lubricant found in the body that is very effective in creating a stable tear film and cushioning effect.


Cleaning Contact Lens Surfaces

Almost 500 different tear film proteins are present and can accumulate on the surface of a contact lens.  Biotrue does remove the tear film proteins that are not naturally antimicrobial or that have become inactive and accumulate on the lens surface causing possible irritation, blurred vision or even potential eye infections.


Bausch & Lomb's BiotrueTM is a major advancement in soft contact lens solutions that is based on the biology of the eye itself.  It can be used on all types of soft contact lenses including those with silicone.  B & L also includes a complimentary lens case with every bottle of 10 ounce Biotrue purchased.

The author has no financial interest in Bausch & Lomb or Biotrue.

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