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Crystalens AO Lens Implant for Cataract Patients

Crystalens AO 

Premium Refractive Lens Implant

Bausch & Lomb has recently introduced their newest intraocular lens implant (IOL), the Crystalens® Aspheric Optic lens.  The Crystalens® AO is the newest addition to the Crystalens line of IOL's.  Crystalens is a premium refractive IOL that functions like a person's own accommodation.  The other lenses are the Crystalens HD and Crystalens Five-o.  The Crystalens family of lenses are the only FDA approved accommodating IOL's.

The Crystalens AO has prolate aspheric surfaces which minimizes or eliminates spherical aberration thereby providing a better quality of image for both distance and near vision compared to spherical IOL's.  The Crystalens AO has zero spherical aberration so it also improves the depth of field.  Unlike some "multifocal" IOL's, vision is unaffected by pupil size in this new lens.

Crystalens AO intraocular premium refractive lens implant IOLCrystalens AO by Bausch & Lomb

The patient outcomes are more predictable with the new Crystalens AO.  The new lens provides clear vision at far distances, arm's length (intermediate) distances and up close for reading smaller print.  Night vision is improved in the Crystalens AO due to the enhanced contrast sensitivity.  The lens itself is made of a proprietary silicone material.  This lens is another great improvement to an already good line of premium refractive IOL's by Bausch & Lomb and should certainly be considered if you are having cataract surgery or are over 55 years of age and tired of wearing glasses and you want clear vision at near, far and intermediate.

Crystalens is a registered trademark of Bausch & Lomb.

The author has no financial interest in Crystalens or Bausch & Lomb.

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