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Disposable Soft Lenses | Avaira soft lens | Cooper Vision

Avaira® Disposable Soft Lenses have High Oxygen Transmission and a Soft, Moist Surface to Provide Excellent Comfort and Eye Health


Avaira® is a premium third generation silicone hydrogel disposable soft lens by Cooper Vision.  It is a 2-week replacement disposable soft lens.  Avaira offers superior comfort as a result of a naturally wettable material that requires no surface treatment or additives.  It also provides a very high level of oxygen transmission to help maintain healthy eyes!  Most people choose contact lenses for clear, glasses-free vision to enhance their physical appearance, but comfort is arguably the most important quality that contact lens wearers desire.  Avaira delivers exceptional comfort.

Soft contact lens

AvairaTM contact lenses offer improved comfort because of a unique material utilizing AquaformTM Technology.  AquaformTM Technology helps the contact lens stay hydrated throughout the day by attracting and binding water thus reducing the feeling of dryness.  Avaira material is also 30% softer than comparable two-week silicone hydrogel disposable soft lenses. Great vision and comfort are not the only pros of Avaira; allowing high levels of oxygen to reach your cornea equates to greater eye health, which is essential during contact lens wear.   Additionally, Avaira contact lenses are UV-absorbing to block damaging rays from the sun.  However, it is still very important to wear UV-blocking sunglasses to protect your entire eye and not just the part covered by your contacts.  Even with all these great attributes, Avaira® is priced very reasonably making this lens an overall great choice for contact lens wearers seeking comfortable 2-week disposable lenses. 

The Avaira lens is designed with aspheric optics that improve vision by reducing spherical aberrations in both the lens and the human eye. Unfortunately, Avaira is not yet available for patients with astigmatism or hyperopia (farsightedness).  This is also not the lens for you if you wish to sleep in your lenses, as Avaira is only approved for daily wear.  If you need a toric lens for astigmatism or are interested in having an extended wear contact lens it is important to discuss this with your eye doctor, as there are many great options for you as well.

Avaira is a registered trademark of Cooper Vision.  The author has no financial interest in Avaira or Cooper Vision.

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