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Getting Connected With Eye Doctors That Care

Would you like to know that the eye doctors that you get an appointment with are highly trained and have the highest ethical standards? Our Master eye doctors only have your best interest at heart, and that is why we don’t sell optical products (eyeglasses or contacts) to our patients. Master Eye Associates believes that your eyes are important.  We aren’t willing to sacrifice your trust, ethical service and the best eye care available.  Our eye doctors don’t want to be influenced on what contacts to prescribe because we can earn a higher profit selling one brand of contacts vs. another.  The same goes for eyeglasses and lenses.  Certain lenses bring in higher profits than others.  We want to prescribe what is best for you, whether it’s medicine, contacts or eyeglasses, you can be assured that you are receiving what is best for you – not what brings the highest profit for your eye doctor.   Giving you your optical prescription without any silent pressure to buy from us also gives you the freedom of choice to shop for contacts or more styles of eyeglasses and frames at your convenience and at lower prices. 

Our Eye Doctors Use the Best in Diagnostic Equipment

Did you know that our eye doctors use the best in optical instruments to help diagnose and treat eye diseases? We care about your eye health and we care about you as a patient. Your level of comfort with the doctor and with the entire process is important to us, so we strive to create that type of environment for each and every patient. Our eye doctors provide a wide range of services for our patients.  You can depend on Master Eye Associates!

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