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Is Accuracy Guaranteed with Your Texan Eye Care Provider?

What do you do if you are not comfortable with the product that has been prescribed to you by your Texan eye care provider? If you think that prescriptions are always accurate, think again! There are never guarantees with health care; the options that you could have been selecting in your exam may not feel good to your eyes when you are wearing your glasses or contacts all day. There could have been a missed measurement when the optical store sold you the glasses.  So, how will your current optometrist react to this news? Will they happily re-evaluate your prescription and take care of the problem for you?

A Different Type of Texan Eye Care

Unfortunately, most eye doctors are rarely thrilled over the idea of helping you with this type of problem. Master Eye Associates offers a different type of Texan eye care. They understand that sometimes you simply can’t adjust to your new prescriptions so all you need to do is come back with your new contacts or glasses within 90 days and they will make sure that you are comfortable with your new product at no additional charge. Your prescription is guaranteed!  Master Eye Associates believes it is a privilege to care for you!

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