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Who is the Best Option for You?

If you are looking for eye care, Lakeway has a great selection to choose from. Of course, sometimes having a large selection in a short driving distance can work against you since you have to narrow down your options to make a decision. Which doctor is best for you and your family? Do you even know what to look for in a provider? Well, ideally you will choose a facility with eye doctors who are qualified to provide an array of services. It is also a good idea to pick one who doesn’t work on commission and an eye doctor that doesn’t derive income from the sale of eyeglasses or contact lenses. This way, you can feel confident knowing that you are getting prescribed exactly what you need and no one is going to try to guilt you into purchasing those extra expensive frames or a certain brand of contacts that mean more income for the doctor!

Choosing Eye Care in Lakeway

When searching for eye care in Lakeway, Master Eye Associates is a recommended option. Dr. J.R. Lacey and Dr. Brianne Neal are both therapeutic optometrists, optometric glaucoma specialists and can also handle your refractive surgery needs. They even guarantee the accuracy of your prescription!  So, if you are not comfortable with your new contacts or glasses, bring them back within 90 days and they will reevaluate your eyes for free. 

Rest assured, the doctors at Master Eye Associates derive no income from the sale of glasses or contacts.  You will be prescribed what is best for you.  Period!

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