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Why Make an Appointment for a Contact Lens Exam?

Some assume that only people who are very concerned with their appearance need an exam for contacts, this is absolutely not true. While contacts do make you look better, and often younger, they allow you to see better too! Glasses are absolutely wonderful to have, however contacts provide a vision correction that is significantly more natural. Many people tried wearing lenses many years ago and were discouraged by the discomfort, but things have changed. In recent years, several companies have started offering silicone-based soft lenses, which allow for a greater amount of oxygen transmission. Some can even be worn continuously for 30 days - they are that comfortable!

What do Doctors Look for in a Contacts Exam?

Eye doctors are doing a lot more than simply checking your prescription during a contacts exam. They are also examining the shape of your eyes to determine which lenses will fit and offer the highest level of comfort. While Acuvue Oasys may feel divine to one person, someone else may need bifocal contacts. Make sure that you choose an eye doctor who guarantees your prescription and comfort fit, to ensure that you will be happy with your contacts.

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